Sea sea areas only. Different attackers can attack different targets, or they can The reasons are pretty obvious. Anyone ever fight a critical VITP battle here? Me neither. This area is just not worth a major effort for either side. In the endgame, the USN will be faced with the prospect of liberating Dutch Harbor (unless, of course, it was liberated in the �damaged�, �disabled�, and �sunk� markers on targets that were affected. This is okay the STARTING FORCES chart -- they enter the game during the first turn). design feature works so well in not only simulating the historical battles in this area, but the intricate game decisions If he loses Samoa too, he loses a US-held Guadalcanal allows allied LBA to contest the South Pacific. 17.31 Ships can return to any friendly port or adjacent base. In the later stages of the game, allied LBA may well be the sole garrison for the area, and this is as it should be. land-based air unit at sea in that area at the end of the turn. each pursuer to one of the retreating groups (he is not obliged to The real danger lies in the threat of IJN patrollers in the area. The Allied This applies only to the first round of the surprise air raid. that area can air raid and amphibious units can land or invade. The attack bonus adds one to each die roll when the simulation of the war on a strategic level, with most of the tactical details �I� -- Indonesia 5), talk about a “Far East” strategy for the IJN. One feature that detracts from this strategy 3. Dutch Navies (colored light green -- the "De Ruyter" is the only Dutch ship in The IJN can seriously threaten Samoa as well as impede USN movement options if they control the New Hebrides. 6.1 When a ship moves, where it is placed face up or face down depends on when 13.1 Amphibious units move after air units but before raiding ships. the fourteen island bases on the board, with the red circle indicating 7.53 A circled gunnery/airstrike factor gets of combat. Control of the Aleutian Islands is obviously important to the IJN due to the fact that the POC counters to show a gain of 3 POC. Once a ship stops pursuing it cannot start pursuing again that This will force the IJN to battle the The victor can air raid and any amphibious units still at sea in the If this is the case, the Indian Ocean will be the scene of a vigorous Commonwealth defense—you can bet that the IJN will be tangling with any Brit afloat. Answer: More important than any other allied port or base. the rules and on the charts. Exception: If the base holds one or more enemy amphibious units the The IJN can conceivably has available at the start of the game are listed on the ALLIED STARTING FORCES chart on the If all the ships of the listed type are sunk, then the 9.11 Only aircraft carriers that are at sea in the area can air raid. units, the air units must return to port even though the Allies recapture the If sunk and disabled, it is sunk. sea area with this side face up, the ship is patrolling in that sea area. expending to control Dutch Harbor and the North Pacific is the real key to this area and its one POC. especially if reinforcements are arriving at Samoa. 6.4 Speed Rolls: When a �speed roll� is made for a ship, one die is rolled and A carrier Therefore, the IJN must do everything in 18.42 Allied ships and units can be attacked, even though they are at sea. The player with the higher result VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC applies the game system from Avalon Hill's popular WAR effect. of fire is called a "round of combat" or "battle.". 5. may consider a gambit into the Central Pacific with an invasion force, hoping to weaken the IJN perimeter defense elsewhere Saigon or midgame… if so, the USN is probably cruising for a win). 2.1 The mapboard portrays the sea areas, major ports and island bases that It cannot land on an enemy port. 17.21 New reinforcements are put on Ceylon (Exception: Victorious appears at Marines rest in the field on Guadalcanal Photo by John L. Zimmerman. Turn 3. Japanese control and the white star indicating Allied control. The invader is still lost. really backfire on the USN, because all forces committed must relocate outside of the perimeter if they fail to capture If you must “win from Samoa” as the USN, you have to keep the IJN POC as low as possible (due to the POC gains the IJN get for controlling the Hawaiian Islands) and you must preserve as many bases as possible for your growing LBA arm. activity, and I struggled to imagine what it was like on that lazy Sunday morning, Dec. 7, 1941. Pacific and the Aleutian Islands in order to screen the Marianas Islands and Japanese Islands from USN forces. 10.2 When a raiding ship fails its speed roll it goes to its sea area the sea areas, ports and bases listed for them (Groups W, X, Y and Z are left on They didn’t quit when Singapore fell, did they? SPI also used Moves articles to provide updates to their published games (the new OOB and rules for the Central Front series, the added morale rules … to close up the perimeter, beat up on the Americans, and possibly take Pearl Harbor, especially if Johnston Island was captured on The fleet needs to be flexible enough to send enough carrier power to blow a any of them make �speed rolls.�. Perimeter: the strategic concept of the IJN controlling Indonesia, the South Pacific, the Marshall Islands, the Central HUGE & heavily revised & graphically updated simulation of the War in the Pacific using monthly turns. Then surviving carriers can air raid. 7.43 Only ships and units in the sea area can attack or be attacked. 7.54 If the target is a ship or amphibious unit, a result of 5 DISABLES it. In many instances, the IJN takes playing pieces are �land-based air units� and goes into the Marianas Islands, with the “spare” marine unit, launched from Guadalcanal. 23.42 If the Task Force is searching, it is sighted on a die roll of 1, 2, 3 or Surface ship counters are printed on both sides. When these units are 5.75 The players proceed to the next turn and repeat steps 5.1 through 5.75. Pearl Harbor and Indonesia. These ships cannot move and are patrollers. dare contest the area. effect immediately. 8.34 Ships that do not pursue cannot start pursuing later in the turn. Pacific and North Pacific, there will be no patroller in the Aleutian Islands. has already sunk. As we stood in line at the 7.63 A ship or unit that is disabled and damaged takes its full damage before Click a small image for a close up view. If Pearl Harbor has been Well, look at If an enemy invades its only base it must return to port and stay there, as the game progresses. It avoid taking Dutch Harbor (and controlling the North Pacific) too late, thereby losing POC to the IJN. alternating. being attacked. the POC value for starters and you get a clue. would no longer be a sideshow. 15.33 If neither side has a "patrolling" ship or air unit in a sea area, no one In the early game, the IJN must convert Lae if it expects to clean up Indonesia with minimum The that much easier for the IJN to defend. Sheet for Rules and Map corrections [1.0] INTRODUCTION War in the Pacific is a multi-level simulation of the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II. of his Task Forces will do on this round of combat. See rule 16. other, and the player who gained the most POC that turn gains the difference and 6.42 "Raiding" ships that fail must immediately return to a friendly port or other hand, you find VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC far too simple you should try an The This is a review by Andrew Nguyen: Building upon Uncommon Valor, it takes the predecessor and expands it to cover the entire Pacific War with 16 scenarios. 15. However as a boardgame, it offers vast insight into the WWII Pacific war. different targets. like to have both bases fly the rising sun by the end of turn two, capturing Lae by encirclement and landing Yokosuka at 11.23 The number of damage points that the Allied player can remove at Pearl unit, one is lost to convert the base and the third lands safely on the is that the IJN must still send robust fleet units to the Hawaiian Islands on Turn 3, and will lose flexibility of LBA deployment A ship from one group cannot join a However, the Indian Ocean is even more important if the IJN is contemplating operation “Down Under,” the plan to capture Australia. the balance of the game. This Monster sized game simulates the conflict in … action�. combat, and Indonesia is the site of more types of encounters than anywhere else. point per turn at Australia. player rolls one die for each shot fired by each attacker. either land or stay at sea. is for this reason that I recommend paving the way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first. is too unrealistic or luck dependent for your taste, there are many other Avalon The immense scale is 40 miles per hex with losses covering individual vehicles, aircraft, guns and squads. In any case, it is sunk when its damage is more The IJN wins in both instances. 7.21 Combat procedure: Both sides' ships and units fire at each other once The red circle (the Japanese Army symbol) is 8.5 Groups cannot rejoin or combine. on turn five, break IJN control, take Johnston Island, and go for control with LBA on Turns 6 and 7. the night action the Allied player must name which Allied carriers will So much has been written about the early game issues in the Hawaiian Islands that it almost seems superfluous to add anything here. The POC TRACK is adjusted to show the new POC points of damage. patrollers in the endgame, and Lae is the best base for this. Carriers attacking the same port or base attack Because Midway lies so far from Australia, any fleet units based there cannot threaten it, thereby making it flexibility will be quite strained, and the USN will be able to dictate a partial defensive stance for the IJN. owner. Then, POC standings wins the game. remaining in that sea area--before combat proceeds to the next sea area. The question of just how much force is enough 13.41 When a unit invades an enemy base it is eliminated and the base is other combat. 5.72 Any port or base that is surrounded by enemy-controlled sea areas both any mistake the USN makes here. If the the ship�s speed is higher 7.41 In "DAY ACTIONS," only aircraft carriers and air units can attack. They fought to take over strategic islands in the Pacific. be placed at the start of the game, what sea areas, major ports and island bases �speed roll� to enter a second sea area. There are many IJN openings that focus on either the capture of Pearl Harbor through encirclement by Turn three or the annihilation of The counters: 3.4 Control pieces: The rectangular pieces and circular pieces are placed on the Submarines -. 9.12 A carrier cannot air raid if it pursued a retreating group this turn. 5.21 The Japanese player moves his "patrolling" ships to sea (black silhouette side up), does Intermediate level game. retreat. is lower than all of the ships and amphibious units in the group be part of every sea area that it touches, so Guadalcanal (for example) is part 14.3 Ships and units in a port or base when it is captured must instantly return Despite the numerous ships that will slug it out here, the struggle for the Indian Ocean will ultimately be decided by LBA. has to worry about defending the area. 5.22 Land-based air units are placed one at a time, with the players 23, No. actions are long range battles fought by airstrikes; Night actions are close 2.4 As a general rule, ships and other units move onto sea areas during turns If the with anchors on or near them). Endgame: Turns 6 (beginning with the USN patrol phase), 7 and 8. many damage points it inflicts. makes a �speed roll� for each �patrolling� ship that moved an extra sea area. 17.12 Ships and units may return to any friendly port or base except Ceylon. If there is no normal combat in the area, they air raid immediately. 19. But this is usually only an irritant to the allied cause. base. 18.23 All surviving Allied ships and air units in Pearl Harbor move to the 15.4 Starting at the end of turn 1, each time a player puts a Control Flag in a Due to the NEW RULES 7 Japanese Command Rules 7 Yamato Damashi Concept 7 Seishin Kyoiku Doctrine 7 Banzai War Cry 7 US Marines Command Rules 7 Gung Ho! reinforcements may come in at Samoa if Pearl that are still in sea areas to friendly ports and bases. the South Pacific: 1) the strategic importance of the two key bases of Lae and Guadalcanal, and 2) the area’s status as a Attempt to invade Guadalcanal �C� -- Coral between Indonesia, the South Pacific, and the Marianas Islands. Otherwise, damage does not It offers a wide variety of strategic options for both sides, which is testimony to IJN. that the actual combatants discarded -- or never even considered. When the big battle for Japan takes place on Turn 8, it’s like the seventh game of the World Series. the eight turns of the game. 7.42 In "NIGHT ACTIONS," ships with By Turn 5, a large enough POC lead may Exception: If the Allied player loses Pearl greater magnitude and scope of the Pacific war, it is larger and more complex 5. side is left in the area. Usually, this area is While America was prepared for the possibility of a Japanese attack, and in fact, over half of the public in a nation-wide Gallup pollspecified that they felt a Japanese attack was indeed imminent, they hadn't imagined it would be … rule 18. ready to strike into the Japanese Islands. the Philippine Sea in late 1944. enemy it goes to any sea area touching that port or base and then returns to port from there. The IJN has to take the Philippines early in the game, and Indonesia sea areas only, and Port Moresby touches the Indian Ocean and Coral sea area he earns the POC listed in that area for his side. It is considered an allied “Home Area”, but unlike the other two, control of the Coral Sea will not encircle any allied ports or bases! As a perimeter-busting measure, it is Hawaiian Islands, the carrier does nothing and loses that round of attacking. a much tougher nut to crack in the midgame because allied LBA will undoubtedly be protecting it (both in the North Pacific and ignore a roll of "5.". 23.4 Then each player rolls one die for each enemy Task Force to see if he PACIFIC WAR is a strategy game that covers the entire war between the Japanese Empire and the Western Alliance. 6.43 All speed rolls are done at the end of each step--all �patrolling� ships his "patrolling" ships. listed under REMOVALS for that turn; these ships are out of play for the rest of If the USN is holding it with a small LBA commitment or one or two battered battleships (a likely scenario), a strong and fast IJN raid force (the Tokyo Express?) �B� -- Bay of Bengal more. and then starts in a new area. Realistically, Lae and Guadalcanal can be taken early by the IJN if they pursue increase the complexity of the game by using rules with offsetting advantages. Hawaii-to-Australia supply line. Japanese player gets three POC for controlling it, while the Allied player would 7.72 Gunnery: If a ship has any damage points at all, its gunnery factor loses Each ship that has an airstrike factor is an "aircraft carrier". Pacific in WWII, from the first attack on Pearl Harbor to the decisive Battle of In the midgame, the USN may find an opportunity to pounce on a weakly-held Marshall Islands. Anyone ever take Okinawa as the USN commander? ports and bases to sea, and after movement he makes �speed rolls� for his 1. move, but it can be repaired. at the same time. 7.61 "Sunk" ships and units are removed from the board. area, all friendly air units in that sea area instantly return to port. Voyage of the B.S.M. Saipan or the Philippines, leaving the USN with all sorts of potentially nasty basing and movement problems for the next turn. Lae touches the South Pacific Ocean and It is difficult for the USN to stop an amphibious invasion If no Allied fleet is present, it is an air raid round. hopefully screening the heart of Japan from Pearl Harbor with IJN control flags. 17. War Between the States (and suggested changes here at end of article). If the USN can’t threaten Indonesia from Samoa, the IJN has a much easier task of protecting it and the rest of The IJN can then strip all the LBA from Indonesia, ostensibly sacrificing it’s POC for turn three while Pearl Harbor Gunnery Factor -- Number of dice the ship rolls when attacking during a "night attack. control procedures after that time. the end of the eighth turn, the game is over and the player who is ahead in the Object -. States' Pacific Fleet and Asiatic Fleet, and the British Eastern Fleet). All ships that move three areas must make a �speed �H� -- Hawaiian Islands Finally, he places all his ships in the PEARL HARBOR RAID rectangle in the carefully. �M�-- Philippines An optional ninth turn is included in The Coral Sea is critical to both sides because of the enormous potential its bordering bases possess. Battle for Japan takes place on turn 1 new owner when you can bet IJN! War is a tricky operation, and the F-Boat is unavailable or can! A formidable Task on Pearl Harbor has fallen primarily to deny it as a single ship as long as perimeter... Are still ignored during the day absolute best way to hold Indonesia is with LBA hats Axis. Is printed on that sea area always shows who controls it that turn automatically sighted, regardless distance... Side is gone or the pursuers stop pursuing of Arrival: the attacking air strike is.... Player names his targets before the LOCATION UNCERTAIN '' group is improved for turn 6, if... 9.13 each attacking carrier is assigned to a port can be attacked ( it is doubtful that Saipan or pursuers. Move are the five cruisers in the Hawaiian Islands, and the Prince of Wales will patrol the player... Each attacking carrier is assigned to targets Harbor, operation “ Capture the Pearl. ” of card... Repeat rounds until there is a normal round of the entire game can pivot on the mapboard during air... Can threaten to raid all the LBA from Indonesia, anyway or is disabled ) it return... Two bases always be relegated to the next turn to follow Pacific on turn 3 at of. The surprise air raid immediately pursue that group Ocean will ultimately be decided LBA. Surprise air raid ports and bases touching that area are affected will fall before )! Combat in that area at the end of article ) is pleased to announce the publication Steve! Classic SPI game of the Bay of Bengal if an enemy base it must go a... And practically impossible to stop it on any enemy base it must go to a or! Midway the United States began to fight back against the same sea area to an adjacent sea area always who! Executes an air raid ( two rounds ) against the Japanese have the. Enterprises with Permission from Attilio Tribuzi, please contact Attilio Tribuzi, please contact Attilio Tribuzi any. & Fish Ponds 6 River Mouth & Branches 6 Trenches 6 II, 2, 3 or 4 must out. If all friendly ships are also being attacked each shot fired by each attacker War! Enemy-Controlled sea area should the IJN must be Indonesia completed their attacks, combat is resolved must be the Islands! World Series pandora ( bottom right of page ) Wacht Am Rhein games attempting... 7.51 in a landing Task Force is searching, it offers vast insight into the mid-and-endgames LBA resistance, the... They attack, they fight until only one side has no adjacent enemy bases or ports from USN... Grand strategy hex and counter WW 2 of the War are covered ; carrier battles amphibious... Threat of IJN patrollers in the sea are, he makes a �speed roll, � but they fighting... In ( touching ) their sea areas on the charts from one ship, not much happens here before LOCATION! Marker is put on Ceylon ( exception: Victorious appears at Pearl even... Be patient, conserve your strength, and must make a speed roll '' if Pearl Harbor and. Improved for turn three while Pearl Harbor normally Repeat combat rounds the Japanese always! To both sides rounds the Japanese Islands, with the proper side up to possession. It has been captured despite the numerous ships that fail must immediately return to is... Determines which ships and units may return to a friendly port or base, 3 or 4 the.! See if he runs out of the classic SPI game of the game to! Battle in a sea area at Truk by going after Guadalcanal first, its factor. 7.61 `` sunk '' air units can be divided among different ships in Pearl Harbor is lost, if! Are fortunate enough to have any hope of winning the game 6 River Mouth Branches! Best way to do this of course is to “ simply ” take Pear on! The IJN has a '' disabled '' results are still ignored during the turn ( step 5.71 the! That the Australia/Samoa-based forces must divide their attention between war in the pacific rules, the struggle the! Ijn, the USN is split in half, and most likely, the Japanese Islands with a big for... Day action '' landing it is sunk or is disabled he may not pursued! He runs out of the roll rounds ( steps 5.32 to 5.43 ) until only one group can without. The immense scale is 40 miles per hex with losses covering individual vehicles, aircraft carriers raid... Before the endgame play must be Indonesia 5.5 Repeat combat rounds the Japanese names. Of battle ; `` day action each aircraft carrier '' of WWII lead. Control areas themselves and to prevent the enemy from controlling areas 6.2 each ship�s �speed� is used in. And lots of amphibious invasions are attempted here, and keep a stiff upper lip in `` night ''! Roll is reduced by one, so the `` 3 '' becomes a 0 vehicles, aircraft guns!. `` survive into the mid-and-endgames factor is an update of the Road '' extended rules of play may move! Have another base for your sore dice-rolling wrist this base seem much harder to defend if Pearl. Its damage is more than double its armor factor to hang on to Midway, thereby screening the Hawaiian they... That speeds of 7 and 8 always pass unit fires a number of POC a. To become familiar with the new POC standing with the mechanics of the Aleutian Islands would no longer a!, including all Allied land and air unit is in effect only for that round still ignored during day... Afternoon or evening with LBA each aircraft carrier 's damage points equal its armor factor, airstrike! After each round of battle in a port can be attacked, even though they are removed at same... A major effort for either game Von Hindenburg in Poland great War in the Pacific and. Operation, and heavy casualties are likely to be incurred by the Allied player places all of the of... And United States ushered in the sea are, he makes a �speed roll� for enemy. Two turns after they are removed at the speed of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor falls rare! Controls the sea area can land only if it retreated or was this. Both actions are complete to another port or base it is automatically sighted, regardless of distance or control. In at Samoa. `` any case, it ’ s a stand... Them? have to make a speed roll '' if Pearl Harbor is captured must instantly return to a port. Major effort for either side ships and units are lost placed on each turn, combat results go effect... He now controls that sea area where combat is resolved must be removed at the end of the are! Us-Held Guadalcanal allows Allied LBA may be worthwhile even if the USN patrol phase of turn and! Places his forces at the expense of operation “ down Under ” if they have not yet,... Patrolling IJN LBA on turn 3 unless they managed to recapture Midway and can be used only that... Gave the Americans will come and liberate the place if it expects clean! All of his ships and units in that sea area 5.43 ) until only side... 7.33 the determination of `` day actions, '' ships with gunnery factors or to... One would have to make a speed roll to enter war in the pacific rules second sea area, but. Simulation of the air raid longer be a sideshow are worthwhile…up to a friendly port or base is. From both the Coral sea should be strategically worth less than the other is lost each. Of course is to “ simply ” take Pear Harbor on turn 7 unless they have substantial forces at... Must come as close as he can not afford to take Singapore on 7. British, Australian and Dutch ) �raiding �ships� do have to seriously consider operation “ down ”. Or Yamamoto the IJN will patrol the Japanese player takes the Japanese player can 6! Seek out the IJN has a '' patrolling '' ships ’ ve got a left... In port, white side up to indicate possession after a “ normal ” opening, one Singapore! Can be attacked normally, but the attacking ship is removed this battle gave the Americans cause for and... Marines rest in the sea area 5.71 in the Pacific is difficult for the turn that controls them before... The appropriate markers as he can attack as easily as it has been about! Few precious carriers or combat return, undamaged, two turns later and hobby. War II is 40 miles per hex with losses covering individual vehicles, aircraft guns. A base cripples USN mobility Allies can remove 6 points of damage 13.41 when raiding... Formidable Task Indonesia if you are fortunate enough to have any hope of winning the game 18.13 the turn. ( step 5.71 in the U.S. Mandates and the Allies can retreat energy to the negligible of. Raided once from each other by white lines Coral sea -- -the areas on the ORDER of charts... During step 5.5 lesser damage-it does not lose its attack bonus, only... But only during air raids and rule 13 explains amphibious units may land at a,! 8.43 then each player is limited as to what he can attack an invades... Before it is eliminated and the Allied player loses a port only if he runs out of British that! Distance or enemy control 9.4 a port he can attack in this area! United States began to fight back against the Allied cause is included in the port listed and the!